On the croft


Hello! My name is Jasmine and my daughter Kirsty and I would love to welcome you to Badnague. Previously, our family home, Badnague forms part of my croft diversification. Badnague has always been a place where friends and family were welcomed and could relax and have fun – we want you to experience this peaceful place where you can chill out and unwind.


The croft has been in my family for four generations and I breed North Country Cheviot, Hebridean and some Blackface sheep. Border collies are the main workforce here and as well as being my trusted workforce they are also my passion. During the summer months we compete in sheepdog trials and we have previously been part of the BBC ‘One Man and His Dog’ programme winning team and have represented Scotland in the ‘4 Nations Nursery Dog Trials’.


Dunbeath has always been my home and I am passionate about looking after the flora and fauna with which I share this wonderful area. We take part in the Agricultural Environmental Climate Scheme and two years ago planted 4 hectares of native woodland to encourage wildlife and to help offset our carbon footprint.


Spectacular sun rises, stunning sunsets and the magnificent Northern Lights (only during winter months) are all free of charge!


We take part in environmental schemes to help enhance habitat for wading birds such as curlew, lapwing and oystercatcher